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Roof Storm Damage

Hailstorms, tornados, severe thunderstorms, snowstorms, blizzards—these are just a handful of the severe weather events that Northern Colorado can expect to see every year. Even a single storm descending on your neighborhood is enough to leave you with devastating damage!

As a trusted storm restoration company since 2014, RTC Roofing & Exteriors is here with the help you need, right from the moment that severe weather strikes. Our storm damage experts have more than 50 years of combined industry experience, and we’re proud to be a local business that serves this region year-round. You can rest assured that we aren’t profiteering storm chasers, and we never resort to high-pressure scare tactics.

Instead, we’ll treat you with personal attention and give you the information you need to make the right decision for your home. If you do choose to work with us, we’re trained to help at every stage of storm damage recovery:

  • Immediate Damage Assessment
  • Free Estimate for Insurance Purposes
  • Tarping and Boarding
  • Storm Damage Clean-up
  • Insurance Claim Filing, Adjustment, and Fulfillment
  • Full-Service Property Restoration
  • Written Labor and Product Warranties

Licensed General Contractor, Ready for All Kinds of Repair

Unlike many storm restoration companies in Northern Colorado, RTC Roofing & Exteriors is a licensed general contractor. While we particularly excel in roof repairs and replacement, we’re qualified to handle every exterior feature of your home!

Our storm damage contractors can repair or replace all kinds of problems:

  • Dented, Cracked, or Missing Roof Shingles
  • Flashing Failures
  • Leaky Roofs
  • Damaged Soffits, Fascia, or Gutters
  • Broken Windows and Screens
  • Torn-off Siding and Trim
  • Damaged Painting
  • ... and more!

Our storm damage restoration services include the actual repair or replacement as well as start-to-finish support for insurance claims. With a half-century of experience, our expert negotiators will persistently advocate for the coverage you deserve! It can be a hassle to get insurance providers to pay, but we’ve got the experience and know-how to ensure that your loss is sufficiently covered.

Recover Your Colorado Home from Storm Damage Today

Even if your level of storm damage seems negligible, it’s better to be safe than sorry! Unaddressed damage can slowly—or sometimes rapidly—get worse, and most insurance policies require timely claim filing. If you suspect damage, it pays to reach out to RTC Roofing & Exteriors right away.

Call us to speak with a Northern Colorado storm damage restoration professional. To go ahead and request a free home inspection, fill out our online form now.